Technical Tours

Australia is a vast country and access to some of Australia’s agricultural regions is remote and requires considerable travel time with limited flights available. Delegates interested in participating in post-congress technical tours are requested to express an interest in the proposed tours recognising the indicative costs associated with delivering these tours. Based on delegate interest, the organisers will decide early in 2020 on the viability of these tours.

Langhorne Creek

Departs: Adelaide, South Australia
Travel: Delegates would need to make their own travel arrangements to Adelaide for this tour
Duration: 2 days, 1 night

A 2-day tour from Adelaide and accommodation overnight in Goolwa. The tour will visit the Heritage Irrigation Structure and floodplain in Langhorne Creek and the barrages and lower end of MDB system from Goolwa with opportunities to observe the Ramsar Wetlands and migratory and local birds. Maximum participants 20 pax.

Indicative Cost: $450 AUD per person 

Regional NSW incorporating Murrumbidgee and Colleambally Irrigation (modernised channel systems), environmental watering

Departs: Sydney, New South Wales
Travel: Flights from Sydney to Griffith or Narrandera (limited commercial flights are available)
Duration: 2 days, 1 night

The NSW Riverina exhibits a huge range of established irrigated and dryland rural enterprises with a myriad of products, generating enormous wealth and utilising a wide range of irrigation technologies.

This tour will include broadacre cropping areas where cotton, rice,  maize and other crops are grown on large scale.  Set in a uniquely Australian landscape, this region exhibits irrigation and farming which have come as a result of the area being developed as an irrigation district, with the implementation of diversion weirs and channel distribution networks.

Indicative Cost: $2,800 AUD per person

Sydney Basin, Protected Cropping and Water Re-use

Departs: Sydney, New South Wales
Duration: 1 days

Protected cropping is increasing world wide and this tour will be address this as well as water recycling and include a visit to the University of Western Sydney.

Indicative Cost: $95 AUD per person